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10 tháng 8 2022

My sister and I attended the F5 tour at the National Stadium last night. I could sum up the concert in one word, INCREDIBLE. We found our way up to our seats after having a light meal and stood in a queue at the gate of the stadium for 45 minutes. When the curtain was raised to reveal the F5 band, the entire stadium went absolutely crazy. I was thrilled by every of their performances. There was so much emotion in many of their songs, and the way they performed was so terrific. This was such a wonderful experience, a night that I'll never forget. I'm so grateful to have been able to have that experience.

10 tháng 8 2022

Last week , i went to a charity concert with my sister , it called : FPC ( for poor children ) .  Because the fare will be for poor children , I and my sister invited more friends to join us . It was held at Hoang Mai Stadium in Hanoi , at 6p.m. It is 40 minutes form my house to Hanoi if I go by bus , so I and my sister need to be in at 5:30 p.m to catch the bus . At the concert, there were many spectators involved. Featuring famous singers, the concert was more lively than ever. Both the songs and the lively dances are exciting . Although I don't like music, when I came to a charity concert, I felt very happy that I was able to help poor children get food and clothing.


11 tháng 2 2023

Imagination never end.Every second,million of new imagines appear in the world.I also just imagine something:Nowaday,English is very important to everyone.So,I want to create my new app for everyone.It will be named "Edo".To use this app,like other apps that you always use,you must make an account and set your profile.Then,you start learning.Here,you can learn reading,writing and listening.The app will correct the mistakes in your writing,in your words of speaking ... Also,you can learn more by speaking English with friends all over the world.

12 tháng 2 2023

English has been one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide for a really long time. If you need to study abroad, you must know how to speak English fluently, especially if you don't know how to speak the country's native language. Because of that, English has become really important to everyone. And for that, I decided to create an app called "EngEdu". EngEdu is an app that will help you learn English online anywhere. It is pretty simple to use this app. To begin with, you must make an account and set up your profile. You can customize your profile as you like. After setting up your profile, you may start learning. This app covers all of the basic skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and also provides you with vocabulary and grammar lessons. You can also connect with other learners with the app's chatting feature. Besides all of the basic learning features, EngEdu also has multiple more fun features, such as competition, practice, assessment, etc. To conclude, I assure you that this app can help you reach higher levels in your English and will be of great help in your career.

6 tháng 2 2023

Tôi vừa trở về sau kỳ nghỉ 1 tuần với bạn bè ở Đà Nẵng và Quảng Ngãi. Chúng tôi ở Đà Nẵng hầu hết thời gian. Sau đó, chúng tôi đã dành vài đêm cuối cùng tại một nơi rất đẹp và có lịch sử lâu đời gọi là phố cổ Hội An. Chúng tôi đã thực sự có thời gian thư giãn với kỳ nghỉ. Chúng tôi đã thưởng thức một số món ăn địa phương tuyệt vời. Nó thực sự ngon. Các hoạt động mà chúng tôi thích trong kỳ nghỉ là đi bộ, bơi lội và đi chơi tối. Nước sạch và trong lành, nhiệt độ vừa phải – không quá nóng và không quá lạnh. Chúng tôi đã đi bộ leo núi trên núi gần đó trong một vài ngày, điều này rất tốt cho sức khỏe của chúng tôi. Tôi thực sự thích kỳ nghỉ này. Tôi yêu không khí trong lành và phong cảnh, và dĩ nhiên là thức ăn. Tôi chắc chắn sẽ trở lại đây vào lúc khác, tôi nghĩ đó là một trong những nơi yêu thích nhất của tôi trên thế giới.

7 tháng 2 2023

I had a wonderful summer vacation at Vung Tau with my family last year. It took us about 2 hours to go there by car. However, we did not feel tired because we were very excited. Vung Tau beach was very large and beautiful. The waves were quite strong. My sister and I went swimming while my parents stayed on the shore to sunbathe. In the afternoon, my family went for a walk to see the sunset. We also took a lot of photos. After that, we went to a famous local restaurant to have dinner. The food was very tasty but not so expensive. On the next day, my family visited the seafood market to buy some seafood. I also bought some souvenirs for my friends. We returned home after spending 2 days in Vung Tau. Although the trip was short, I felt very happy. Hopefully, we can go back there again in the future. 

27 tháng 12 2022

   As we all know, there are many great scientist around the world creating great invention everyday. These invention makes our life much easier and more interesting. Talking about invention ,have you ever heard of Thomas Edison. I think that all of us must know himm after all he is the father of light bulbs. Long ago, before the light bulb appeared, we people can't work late because it is dark so we can't see nothing. We had to work hard before sunset. But later on, they invented oil lamp, this helped bring the light to Earth, but this lamp is very dangerous. In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. This was the greatest invention in the world. Now people can read books and do works in the evening. Thanks to Edison, our life is easier.

26 tháng 12 2022

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28 tháng 4 2023

The day of reunification of Vietnam is celebrated on April 30. It is also the day of the liberation of the South. This day has great and profound meaning for the people of the whole country of Vietnam. It is a day commemorating a glorious and monumental victory of our nation. April 30 is the day Vietnam gained its independence after hundreds and thousands of years of imperial domination and rule. On this day, people hang a red flag with a yellow star in all the streets of Vietnam, to show their respect and respect for the country.

28 tháng 4 2023


5 tháng 2 2023

1. It is the music festival event.

2. It usually take place in the street, or in the music centre, beach, etc, ...

15 tháng 3 2022

Once, when I was at my grandmother's house in the suburbs, I looked up at the sky. That night was truly memorable for me. That sky was not like the sky I saw when I was in the city, it could be seen very clearly from a distance. I sat watching the sky with my grandmother beside me telling me stories about the stars. I saw a lot of stars twinkling in the sky. It was very bright and I also saw the full moon. I felt comfortable and peaceful as I watched the night sky.

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