Looking back on that day, we all agree that it was our/my biggest win, I had a very happy childhood by the golden rice fields, that was in the summer days of the year. At that time, I still went with the countryside children to shepherd and play interesting games, such as blindfolded catching goats, playing volleyball and kicking soccer or soccer. When I was in the village, I was often nicknamed the king of the game because I was good at any game, but the best was still shooting marbles, looking at the big and round marbles, we each held a few marbles. marbles, each person takes 1 bullet, whoever hits the ball will get that ball and shoot 1 more round, remembering that time I laughed again because there was one time I cheated and was caught, so my friends I made me tie back to a tree and tickled me. Oh, how happy the childhood days were. I loved my childhood and that village. I've grown and matured now but I still won't forget it, those days. I love those days