Looking back on that day, I agreed it was greatest victory.

That was a nice day in the autumn, the clouds were like the ribbons in the sky. The autumn wind was cool, gently blowing, bringing with the sant of new rice and nuggets from the countryside. After the rain night, the autumn sky seemed to soften, the sun became yellow- and I had a biggest win ever.

I dream about it a long time ago because I very like drawing. It's one of my hobbies and interests. I love it very much, like the way I draw a picture, with all of my heart.

I was born and raised in a small village, so I love the scenes of the countryside at harvest time or the canals flowing around to school. That's why I had a strong passion for sketching village painting.

Some people around me told me not to draw. They said it took too much time but it isn't useful. However, I still believed me, and success has came.

That year, my school hold a drawing contest. All of student can join, and I joyfuled. But before the contest, I wondering if I should go or not. Oh, it was a difficult choice. I should hear my heart or everybody? After a long time, I decided to join. Ohhh, I am surprised the contest isn't simple as I thought it would be. Many pupils from different schools come here to participate. Most of the pupils are senior and the level is excellent. But in the end, I was confident and participateed. The Topic was"Draw sketches of things around you" And I drew the things that was closest, more than the things I like and played most - the village field. Not to my expectations, I got the first prize. It was the best prize I had ever!!In the future, I wish...no! I will has a new bigger victory, and I will do it, by my shelf and effort!