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Blended learning is a way of studying a subject, which combines learning over the Internet and face-to-face learning, and brings several benefits to us. First, blended learning helps us have more control over our own learning. Learning materials are available at all times online. Students who are absent from school won’t miss lessons. Second, we can develop better communication and teamwork skills with blended learning. There are a lot of interesting learning activities giving us more flexibility to customize own learning experiences. This enables us to have more time for pairwork and group work. In short, it is undeniable that blended learning has crucial advantages including students’ control over their learning and soft skills development.


The surgeon's job is traditionally most common for men. Surgeons have to perform operations on patients. They also have to make important decisions about patients' health and safety. Besides medical knowledge, surgeons need both physical and mental strength to perform long and tiring operations. In addition, surgeons need to have excellent eyesight and skilful hands. A surgeon works with a team, so he / she needs good teamwork and communication skills. Although it is traditionally seen as a male job, the number of women surgeons is increasing now. Women as mentally strong as men, and they can perform long operations. In summary, women can make great surgeons, and everybody will benefit from having both male and female surgeons.

Smartphone is one of the great inventions in 21th century , because its has brought many benefits for people. First, smartphone help people communicate easily without having to meet face to face. Second, it is a effective tool to work and exchanging imformation in business and study.Finally, smartphone is a place for entertainment, watching movis,...In conclsion, smartphone a very importaint and very necessary in our life today.


                                                                                                         Dinh Bang Street ,Tu Son, Bac Ninh
                                                                                                                    2 December 2022
Heart To Heart 
Charitable Organisation 
28 Le Loi Stret, Ha Noi

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to apply for a volunteer position at the heard office of Heart to Heart Charitable Organisation. I saw heard the announcement on radio last Sunday.
I am interested in volunteer work and projects to help peope in our community. I am reliable and hard working. I also have great people skills, which I belive are important for this position.
I am available for a interview on Monday and Sunday at 5.00 pm. If my application is successul, I can start next week 

Your faithfully,
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang 

I had a chance to go to a music concert named "YET TO COME" by my Korean idol BTS. It was one of the most wonderful concerts that my friends and I have ever attended. This tour in Busan was their latest one so it was the most impressive and amazing concert ever. They not only performed their big hits but also talked and played games with fans, which made the atmosphere friendly and wonderful.

The concert took place in Asiad Stadium, one of the biggest stadiums in Busan, so there was plenty of space for us to enjoy the music and relax. We all felt excited when going to this event because we could make new friends and enjoy the exciting atmosphere.

Moreover, we can plant more trees. For instance, we are able to increase the number of green trees in the playground and surrounding areas. It lowers CO2 levels and improves the quality of the air that we breathe. We can now set up extra trash bins. For example, we can increase the number of trash bins in public areas like parks or bus stops. This facilitates rubbish easily.

First, my family always have breakfast together. We often eat bread or noodles and share our plan for the day while eating. Second, we watch TV together every Saturday evening. We watch a film and exchange opinions after the film. Third, on the second Sunday of the month, we visit our grandparents. When coming to our grandparents’ house, we usually do some housework for them and have lunch with them. They look really happy when talking and eating with us.