Hi Susan!

In the letter you want me to tell you about the plague in my country. My dear country - Vietnam, has been heavily influenced by Covid 19. At the end of January and early February 2021, COVID - the third outbreak in the community in Vietnam was 19. Due to many positive cases, schools, restaurants, ... were closed. We also had to drop out and start learning online. The government always propagates and reminds people to wear hand sanitizing masks, stand at least 2 meters away, avoid crowds. Because of great government deeds and the white-shirted angels fighting day and night with COVID-19, I will try to stay at home for them, for the community, and to help stop COVID-19. We also follow the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health. Does Susan know what 5K means? 5K is disinfection, medical declaration, mask, no agglomeration and distance. And that is the disease situation and how to prevent it in my country. How about you, Susan? How is your country? Looking forward to receiving your mail. Wish you always be healthy.

New friend Hong Hao