Hi, light

I received your reply letter. As in the letter you wanted me to tell you about my country situation. My country, Vietnam is in a very complicated phase. It started to explode at the end of January, being Vietnam's third phase in COVID-19 prevention. Because the situation is very complicated, all shops, restaurants and schools in our country have to close temporarily for a while. Because of that, I temporarily could not go to school but instead started studying online. The Government of Vietnam has also propagated everyone to always wear a mask when going out, but it is absolutely necessary, to wash their hands, disinfect, not gather people and stand about 2 meters away. Because of the great deeds of the government and the white-clad angels struggling day and night with COVID-19, I will try to stay at home for them and for the community as well to contribute to COVID-19 prevention. In addition, I will try to spread the word to everyone. I also look forward to your reply!

Your friend Nunalkes