My dearest, 

 The unexpected outbreak of the pandemic has turned my life upside down both mentally and physically. Despite having a rather low infected rate, our national government still exhorted its people to stay in lockdown and impose safety measures. My family complied strictly with the rules and locked up at our home the entire day. This, indeed, irritated us and caused us a range of disturbance. In the wake of the virus, we experienced a supply shortage for people starting hoarding up foodstuff and necessities. Many broke the laws and risked their safety by squeezing themselves inside crowded shops and merged into the inflex of panic shoppers. Not only did this stir up a civil disorder, but it also compounded the existed supply problems in my town. Shop soon ran out of products due to transportation stagnance and accelerating demands. However, my family was the reverse. We did not store up food or necessities in our house, but instead, we started growing our organic vegetables and substituted daily meals with vegetarian diets. This proved to be a painstaking process at first, but we soon accustomed to this.

 Besides adopting a healthy diet, we also embraced a strict workout regime to protect us from physical or mental breakdowns. There are many cases of people engulfed in the feeling of isolation and depression, which drew them to food indulgence and suicidal thoughts. Exercises helped my family boost our immunity and lift our spirit. Moreover, it engaged us and cemented our relationship, since we had to do exercised together in a confined space. The lockdown may be a real hassle for many, but for us, it is an unprecedented and embracive experience. It bonded my family and bettered our lifestyle. Even though we sometimes underwent some unpleasant impacts of the quarantine, most of the time we felt therapeutic and content. 

 I am curious about the status quo in your homeland, too. Tell me about it in your next email, will you? I hope you enjoy your time with your family and stay optimistic as you always have been. Send my greet to your family and stay tuned for my next narrative. I can be a great storyteller when times come. Wish that my email entertains you. goodbye for now, dearest.

Your dearest