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Mi and Thanh (talk).......are...taking..................on the telephone now?

they (plant).........plant.....................trees early morning.

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What / would / he / for / lunch / ? /


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Manh (not play)...isn't at the moment.                 

Minh (play) play..chess with Nam at the moment.

they ofter (visit)......visit........their parents on Saturday.         

........Is..She (study)

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My first visit to Nha Trang, the coastal city, was three years ago. It was a pleasant and memorable trip.Nha trang, the capital of Khanh Hoa province, has one of the most popular municipal beaches in all of Viet nam. In Nha Trang, nature beauties are so tempting. Waves crashing onto the cliffs, the soft sigh of the sea breeze, clean white sands and turquoise waters, it all makes for a stunning landscape. On my visit to Nha Trang, I used to get up early each morning to stroll along the beach - a chance to breath in the fresh sea air and enjoy the sunrise across the water. One attraction that captivated me three years ago and still it does is the collection of small offshore islands, that is Hon Tre where is the largest of the islands.Nha Trang is the city in hamoney, its fine wather, favorite position and friendly people bring it a certain balance. Nha Trang is a great holiday destination. I hope to have chance to come back.

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All of the special holidays in my country, I Tet the most. Tet is an occasion to everyone get together in warm atmosphere. Before Tet holiday, Everyone prepares many things and decorates their house. I plant a lot of flowers in front of my house and buy many things such as clothes, foods ...Besides, most of the streets also are decorated beautifully with colorful lights and flowers. During Tet, I spends more time on visiting my relatives, friends and colleagues. Especially, I give to each other the best wishes for the new year. Tet is an opportunity for children receive lucky money. There is a funny thing that people try to avoid argument or saying any bad things at Tet. I love Tet holiday!

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VD : 0. My mother are a nurse.     0/ is

1. Ba isn't get up at six o'clock every morning.     1/..doesn't.......


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John : Hello,Mai. ...........How are you .......... today ?

Mai : I am fine,thank you.

John : ................Where is your......... classroom ?

Mai : No, isn't............. . That is my classroom.

John : .......How.............. many students in your class ?

Mai : No, there are not. My class has only fifteen students.

John : ...........Who are.......... teachers ?

Mai : Mrs.Chi, Miss White and Mr.Cuong.


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the first brau...(come) to viet nam about a century ago


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Around the world there are many cuisine but I still spaghetti the most. The main ingredients to make spaghetti are noodles, beef and tomatoes. Besides, we can add onion, carrot, bean or other kind of vegetable. At weekends, my mother and I usually go to the market, buy goods and cook spaghetti for my family instead of traditional dishes. It’s easy to cook this food. All we have to do are boiling noodles, chopping beef and making a good sauce of tomatoes. There is a tip for a perfect sauce is adding a slice of lemon into it. If there is a need of vegetable, It can be served with carrot and peas. Spaghetti supplies high nutrients and several vitamins, which good for your health especially for diet people. Moreover, spaghetti is famous for its delicious taste and convenience as fast food. It’s known as typical traditional food of Italy. Although spaghetti originate from Europe, it’s more widespread in Asia specifically Vietnam. Nowadays, It is popular food not only in Italy but also in other countries.

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Khoanh vào từ mà phần gạch chân được phát âm khác những từ còn lại.

1. A. uses                       B. does                     C. studies                        D. plays

2. A. zoos                       B. doors                    C. rulers                          D. lakes

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Hello my name is Kiet. Today, I would to introduce about my neighbourhood. My neighbourhood is in Quang Ngai province. It is noisy but it is clean and convenient. There are Shops, Schools, Restaurants, hotels, market and so on. The streets are busy and crowded during the day. I restaurants best because the food are very good. The people here are very friendly and kind. I living here so much because every thing I need is only five minutes away

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My neiborhood is not big, but it has a nice view. But, some year recently, people often do not take rubbish into recycle bins, walk on the grass, use more dirty energy, noise pollution,.... So I dis something much. Althought my neighbor is so dirty, peole here improve themselevs. I my neighborhood because it's my homeland, the peole here so friendly, there are a lot of parks, supermarkets, schools,... here.

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1. His pens .............  there

A:are          B:am            C:is

2. ............... you and Nam (be) students

A:am          B:are            C:is

3. That ................ a desk. That .............. a table

A:are not/ are    B:is not/ is       C:am not/ am

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Điền từ :

 Our performance is pretty impressive

His car is the same color  as   my uncle's

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Today I'd to describe my home garden, which I think is a beautiful one and which I very much. The garden is part of my home's backyard, and my house is located in the suburbs, about a 1-hour drive from the city of San Francisco. There is a big tree right in the middle of my garden, which is surrounded by a hot tub, a small water fountain, several bushes, a section for vegetables, and different kinds of flowers. This garden was actually one of the reasons why my wife and I chose to buy our house because it had been beautifully maintained by the previous owner’s gardener and landscaper. It’s been only 1 year since we bought the house and now we are taking care of the garden ourselves. Even though we are not experts in gardening, we still try our best to plant things that we , such as roses and tulips, and we even grow our own tomatoes.Whenever family and friends come to visit us, we invite them to have a relaxing time in our hot tub, and enjoy the view. So in other words, our garden has also become a kind of resort! It definitely requires lots of hard work to properly maintain the garden, but it gives us a great sense of accomplishment to “decorate” it the way we .All in all, the garden is one of the best features of my home and it is a place where I can relax after a long day of work or during the weekends.

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- I .will send .... (Send) her a letter if I had found her address

- She .won't steal.. (not/steal) the bread if she hadn't been hungry

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they (plant)....will plant.........trees a long this street next month.

he (write).....will his friend next week.

they (not be )........aren't..........doctors.

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I ofter (wash) clothes.

She (not be)...........doesn't home now.

You ofter (write) your friend?

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they always (talk) each other in the week

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1) Viết lại câu với những từ sau:

1. I thought the film would be interesting, but it wasn't.

 The film was not .............intesting as I think ................................................................. (as)

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