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Blended learning methods can be applied to most students today. Students can experience learning that combines both traditional learning or online learning extremely conveniently. Blended learning is an experience that provides a combined interactivity for both learners and teachers and Learners can also choose by themselves the type of content they want to interact with, practice what they learn. The blended learning method will greatly assist students in saving and reducing the above costs, while also saving travel time for students and teachers when they have to attend classes. directly in schools. Blended learning is highly scalable and can be easily adjusted to the needs of teaching and learning.   By providing training content that is accessible and easy to interact with instructors and knowledge, blended learning allows learners to improve their skills and qualifications quickly.

Viet Nam has gained three main benefits since it joined different international organisations. Firstly, it is easier and more convenient for Viet Nam to promote its culture and learn about other cultures. Various cultural exchanges help visitors know more about our country. Besides, Vietnamese people have a better chance of experiencing different cultures. Secondly, this has created greater education opportunities for both Vietnamese and foreign students. Greater educational opportunities abroad are now open to Vietnamese students. Viet Nam’s colleges and universities can also accept international students. Finally, joining these organisations has also helped Viet Nam increase both local and international tourism. Our country has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists in the region. In short, Viet Nam has benefited greatly from becoming a member of different international organisations.

The surgeon's job is traditionally most common for men. Surgeons have to perform operations on patients. They also have to make important decisions about patients' health and safety. Besides medical knowledge, surgeons need both physical and mental strength to perform long and tiring operations. In addition, surgeons need to have excellent eyesight and skilful hands. A surgeon works with a team, so he / she needs good teamwork and communication skills. Although it is traditionally seen as a male job, the number of women surgeons is increasing now. Women as mentally strong as men, and they can perform long operations. In summary, women can make great surgeons, and everybody will benefit from having both male and female surgeons.

Electricity is one of the great inventions of the past, because it has brought many benefits for people. First, electricity can be used to light our houses and streets. Without it, the world will be dark and dangerous. Second, electricity is also useful in heating. For example, in cold areas, electric heaters can keep us warm and healthy in long winters. Finally, the most important use of electricity is to run machines. Without electricity, factories, schools and hospitals cannot run normally. Everyone and everything will stop working. Other inventions, such as TVs, computers and robots will become useless without electricity. In conclusion, electricity plays a very important part in our life today and we cannot live without it.


Tan Hong,Tu Son, Bac Ninh

28 November 2022

Heart to Heart 

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for a volunteer position. I heard about this opportunity in a public announcement yesterday.

I am interested in your community development projects because i really care about the life of people in the community. Currently, all my Sunday morning are free, and i will be able to help at the center if i am chosen. I think i am reliable and hard-working. I am also confident enough to complete guests all the duties.

I am available for an interview on any weekday after 7 a.m. If my application is successful, i can start immediately.

i look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Chu Thi Thu Thuy

Last Sunday, I went to the International Youth Music Festival with some friends. This music event was even bigger and better than last year. There were a lot of exciting performances with many famous bands and singer from all over the world. We get to see firewords, artists play different instruments, get to interact with them. In particular, at the end of the session, we also took pictures and asked for autographs from the artists.

This years the festival took place in a big stadium, so there was plenty of space for us to enjoy the music and relax. We all felt excited, wonderful and fun when going to this festival.

Second, we should plant more trees. For example, we can encouraging students to plant trees or flowers in our school. By doing this, we can reduce carbon footprint and make the air clean. Third, we should set up more rubbish bins. For example, we can put more rubbish more rubbish bins in public places such as parks or bus stations. By doing this, we can make the waste collection easier.