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Đặng Hoàng Long Hôm kia lúc 22:26
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t is English subject that I best in school. I English because it helps me open the big world. First of all, I can talk with people who are in the English-speaking world. Secondly, I can find many documents written by English for studying. Thirdly, I can watch movie and news without subtitle. Last but not least, it makes me interesting when studying. To study it well, I sometimes take a note and past it in somewhere in my room.

I always do all exercises before going to school. And I am very enthusias in the class. English is known to be very difficult and many students hate studying it. It my feeling that the problem is the methods teaching of Vietnam is not suitable. Student must study grammar hardly. I hope it will change in the future. In short, English is very necessary for modern life, I hope all students find in interesting.

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bảo Hôm kia lúc 20:27
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1. If I was her,I would help him

2. They would get good result if they were try more

3. If she lazys,she won't pass exam next year

4. If I didn't busy now,I would come there

5. If people didn't theow trash every where world wouldn't polluted

k cho mình nha

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Nguyễn Phương Chi 17 tháng 2 lúc 20:08
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Complete the sentences:

1) If i / her / I / help him.

=> If I were her, I would help him

2) They / get good result if they / try more.

=> They would get good result if they tried more

3) If she / lazy / she / not pass exam next year.

=> If she is lazy, she won't pass exam next year

4) If i / not busy now / I / come there.

=> If I weren't/wasn't  busy now, I would come there

5) If people not / throw trash every where / world / not / polluted.

=> If people didn't throw trash everywhere, the world would not polluted

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bảo Hôm kia lúc 20:29
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chọn passed

hok tốt

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Nguyễn Khánh Huyền 17 tháng 2 lúc 7:55
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B nhé !!!

Hok tốt !!

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✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫ Ṱђầภ Ḉђết ✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫ 17 tháng 2 lúc 7:47
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Bài làm

We are delighted you passed your English exam

   A. you pass          B. you passed           C. you to pass         D. your passing

# Chúc bạn học tốt #

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Lê Thị Mỹ Duyên 15 tháng 2 lúc 20:36
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          Causes need to be changed and, most importantly, our human consciousness about the cause of water pollution in Vietnam.
          Why is human consciousness the most important of environmental pollution, first referring to residential areas or households living along the river in 2013, the vast majority of whom are people People living along the river, then the daily cleaning has made the water environment worse, in recent years, the river in the area of ​​living people have been heavily polluted.
           Speaking about the consciousness of the people, there are families living all year round on boats, boats, barges ... not only their daily activities are discharged into the water but also objects that are no longer used also thrown in. River.
           The activities of the people occur throughout the year as such, the water environment in Vietnam is increasingly polluted, the people living in polluted areas or nearby residents will also affect the health. very strong.
           There are also companies, factories or factories that have escaped the environmental laws and the river is discharged into the river.
           The causes of water pollution in Vietnam just mentioned above have destroyed our environment, what we have done is that we are facing many serious illnesses and costly expenses. .

           In addition, water pollution also affects the lives of living and living plants, which cause ecological disturbances, causing some fish or plants to deplete due to pollution of the water environment. This increases the scope and thus the authorities can hardly reform.
As pollution of the water environment increases, the level of human health decreases and it can lead to pollution of the intersection of rivers and lakes, affecting marine ecosystems. .
           The major sources of pollution are Saigon Port, Saigon River, Tau Canal, Black Canal, 15, 17, 18, Thay Cai Canal, etc. in Ho Chi Minh City. Black water and bad smells made the people around and the people who were walking so uncomfortable.
           In terms of solutions, governments and authorities must place prohibition signs in places where there are many residents living near the rivers and strictly punish acts of deliberately throwing litter into the river or people living in the river. ships, boats, barges ...
           In areas where water pollution is a problem, it is important to learn about the area and to conduct the renovation and use of the technologies or to hire foreign environmental specialists who have advanced technologies to change the water source. infected in the optimal time as possible.
           The media must also include environmental information as well as solutions on how to communicate with people in the environment, especially the water environment, such as information and communication. Everybody changes their minds to keep their sanitation in common with the environment as well as the water environment in Vietnam.
           On the limitation of these solutions, it is well known that it would require a lot of money to renovate or hire foreign experts, when it comes to the causes of water pollution in Vietnam. The solution is to try to change the environment of clean water, but if our human consciousness is that, one day we will also meet the scene of such black rivers.
           Therefore, let us protect our environment and our children in the future so that we can live in a clean environment, help us improve our health and ecosystems. in water environment.

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. 11 tháng 2 lúc 19:56
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Visual pollution is an aesthe issue and refers to the impacts of pollution that impair one's ability to enjoy a vista or view.

Visual pollution disturbs the visual areas of people by creating harmful changes in the natural environment. Billboards[1],[2] open storage of trash, antennas, electric wires, buildings, and automobiles are often considered visual pollution. An overcrowding of an area causes visual pollution. Visual pollution is defined as the whole of irregular formations, which are mostly found in nature.[3][4]

Effects of exposure to visual pollution include: distraction, eye fatigue, decreases in opinion diversity, and loss of identity.[

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ttpq_Trịnh Phú Quỳnh 10 tháng 2 lúc 21:18
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I'm sorry. she's  you can call her after dinner

The five of us are very intelligent

He sent me a pen yesterday

Can you try on this shirt ?

He brought some money for him

My bike broke down on my way to school yesterday

If your car break down you can ask him to repair it

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Emma Granger 10 tháng 2 lúc 10:59
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1. The secretary wasn't phoned by the manager this morning.
2. These old picture won't be hung in the living room.
3. Have the above sentences been finished?
4. His nose has been broken in a football match.
5. Are those shoes going to be repaired?
6. How many languages are spoke in Canada?
7. The new president will be interviewed on TV.
8. The cats had been fed before Ann went to the cinema.

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Nguyễn Công Tỉnh CTV 10 tháng 2 lúc 19:09
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Sai 1 lỗi nhỏ nhé Emma Granger. many languages do they speak in canada?

=>How many languages are spoken in canada?

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Song Ji Hyo 10 tháng 2 lúc 14:35
Báo cáo sai phạm

1, Fiona was invited to John's birthday party by him last night

2, The E grammar has been explained by our teachers

3, The accident was caused in this city

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Phạm Bá Gia Nhất 10 tháng 2 lúc 9:02
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1, Fiona was invited to John's birthday party by him last night

2, The E grammar has been explained by our teachers

3, The accident was caused in this city

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Tiên Hồ Đỗ Thị Cẩm 17 tháng 2 lúc 19:55
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cảm ơn nhiều nha! fb hở?

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Phạm Bá Gia Nhất 15 tháng 2 lúc 20:36
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mk guier rồi, bn có nick face k

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Tiên Hồ Đỗ Thị Cẩm 13 tháng 2 lúc 19:37
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bạn nhận đc chưa? file nghe KET và PET có book nữa, tham khảo nha, nhưng đó chỉ là KET 1 thôi, có mấy quyển lận, nhưng khó lắm, nên mk ko có gửi!

bạn cũng nhanh gửi qua cho mk các tài liệu ôn thi nha, đọc hiểu, viết có bài mẫu thì càng tốt, mk cảm ơn bạn trước nha!

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Phương Mai Nguyễn 9 tháng 2 lúc 19:48
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Hỏi gì trả lời nấy là oke nhất cậu ạ :v 

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stick man 9 tháng 2 lúc 15:20
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ko hỉu

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❌Cɑ❍ ζɦủ L¡êղ Qʊâղ❌ 9 tháng 2 lúc 15:07
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Bạn cho đoạn văn Tiếng Anh và câu hỏi ra đây 

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¶î€u♥†hu™ 8 tháng 2 lúc 8:52
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Trả lời :

Her area has been damaged by hundreds of homes last year by storms.

Hok tốt

P/s : Me ms hok lp 7 ((= Câu này làm bừa. K có chắc

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๖²⁴ʱ 天(●´ω`●) 韩┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐๖²⁴ʱ 19 tháng 2 lúc 21:50
Báo cáo sai phạm

=> Hundreds of houses in her area were damaged by the strorms last years

~ Học Tốt ~


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ttpq_Trịnh Phú Quỳnh 8 tháng 2 lúc 22:16
Báo cáo sai phạm

The storms damaged hundreds of houses in her area last year.

=> Hundreds of houses in her area were damaged by the storms last year.

Đọc tiếp... 9 tháng 2 lúc 13:07
Báo cáo sai phạm

1. It's very unusual for a military campaign to have been fought with so little loss of life.

=> Seldom has a military campaign been fought with so little loss of life.

2. It's unusal for the interior of the island to be visited by tourists.

=> Seldom is the interior of the island visited by tourists.

3. The existence of extraterrestrial is not confirmed by the report.

=> In no way is the existence of extraterrestrial life confirmed by the report.

c3; Đảo ngữ với " Not"

1. He is my friend as well as yours.

=> Not only is he your friend, but he’s mine too.

2.Burglars stole a thousand pounds' worth of electrical goods, and left the flat in an awful mess.

=> Not only did the burglars steal a thousand pounds’ worth of electrical goods, they also left the flat in an awful mess.

3. You will enhance your posture and improve your acting ability on this course.

=> Not only will you enhance your posture but you will also improve your acting ability on this course.

c4: Đảo ngữ vs " Only"

1. It wasn't until last week that the Agriculture Minister admitted defeat

=> Only until last week did the Agriculture Minister admit defeat.

2. They didn't get round to business until they had finished eating.

=> Only after they had finished eating did they get round to business.

3. They had to wait for 12 hours before their flights left.

=> Only after they had waited for twelve hours did their flight leave.

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Trần Việt Anh 6 tháng 2 lúc 21:07
Báo cáo sai phạm

1.How far is it from your house to school ?

1.It is not very far to go to the station railway

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Nguyễn Công Tỉnh CTV 5 tháng 2 lúc 21:32
Báo cáo sai phạm

Passive Voice 

1. My father waters this flower every morning.

-->..........this flower is watered by my father every morning....................................

2. John invited Fiona to his birthday party last night.

-->....................Fiona was invited to john's birthday party by him last night. ...................................................

3. Her mother is preparing the dinner in the kitchen.

-->.............................. the dinner is being prepared in the kitchen by her mother. ........................................

4. We should clean our teeth twice a day.

-->.............our teeth should be cleaned by us twice a day...........................................................

5. Our teachers have explained the English grammar.

-->.......the English grammar has been explained by our teachers........................................

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Trần Việt Anh 5 tháng 2 lúc 21:31
Báo cáo sai phạm

1.This flower is watered (by my father) every morning.

2.Fiona was invented to John’s birthday party last month.

3.The dinner is being prepared (by her mother) in the kitchen.

4.Our teeth should be cleaned twice a day.

5.The English grammar has been explained (by our teacher).

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Cô gái tương lai 6 tháng 2 lúc 18:10
Báo cáo sai phạm

1. This flower is watered ( by my father ) every morning.

2. Fiona was invited to John's birthday party ( by him ) last night.

3. The dinner is being prepared ( by her mother )in the dinner.

4. Our teeth should be cleaned twice a day.

5. The English grammar have been explained ( by our teachers ).

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