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Hỏi đáp Tiếng Anh lớp 6

ミ★Ŧɦươйǥ★彡 ミ★Ŧɦươйǥ★彡 2 giờ trước (12:27)
Báo cáo sai phạm

III What do you say in these sittuations ? 

1. What do you say  you want to know the way to the post office ? .Can you tell me the way to the post office?​.....

2 what do you say when want to go out ?.... May I go out?........................................................

3 what do say when you want to know the price of a book ?...How much is this book?..................................

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Yến Nhi Trần Yến Nhi Trần 17 giờ trước (21:50)
Báo cáo sai phạm

a. All the shops in the mall are under the roof

b. customers will shop in comfor and ... weather 

cc. the stores in the mall will offer a wider selection of products, some at cheaper price

d. the small strores have been concerned (lo lắng) about the new shopping mall

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KM Trran KM Trran 17 giờ trước (21:18)
Báo cáo sai phạm

Baif true or false(cj vừa trả lời e cx dựa trên bài nì cj ak)

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KM Trran KM Trran 17 giờ trước (21:17)
Báo cáo sai phạm

discuss the situation cj nhé tại e viết nhanh nên k để ý

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Yến Nhi Trần Yến Nhi Trần Hôm kia lúc 22:56
Báo cáo sai phạm

this weekend, me and my friends are going to clean our neighborhood because it is now so polluted. First, we are going to collect litter of all types on the roads, the river's bank,.. and put them into the bin, so i think this can help our town looks clean and fresh. Secondly, we will do and encourage the citizens to plant more trees to make our city cleaner and fresher. Thirdly, we will give my old clothes which i don't use anymore to the poor and the homeless. In short, our plan is just to share our love to the people and to help the environment nowadays.

vì c vừa nghĩ vừa làm nên có gì sai thì e tự sửa giúp c nha <3

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ĐÀO CÔNG ĐẠT ĐÀO CÔNG ĐẠT 20 giờ trước (18:18)
Báo cáo sai phạm

Hi, I’m Dat. I’m twelve years old. I have an nice face  with  black eyes, short hair. I’m quite friendly and sociable. I can make friends easily. I have a close friend. His name is Manh Quan. He is fat . He has a   short blown hair. He is funny and creative. This weekend, we are going to see a movie at the national cinema. Then, we are going playing football  at the stadium . In the evening, we are jog in the park. This will be a very interesting weekend.

Dịch ra Tiếng Việt là

Xin chào, tôi là Đạt. Tôi mười hai tuổi. Tôi có một khuôn mặt đẹp với đôi mắt đen, mái tóc ngắn. Tôi khá thân thiện và hòa đồng. Tôi có thể kết bạn dễ dàng. Tôi có một người bạn thân. Anh ấy tên là Mạnh Quân. Anh ấy béo. Anh ấy có một mái tóc ngắn uốn phồng. Anh ấy vui tính và sáng tạo. Cuối tuần này, chúng ta sẽ đi xem phim tại rạp chiếu phim quốc gia. Sau đó, chúng tôi sẽ chơi bóng tại sân vận động. Vào buổi tối, chúng tôi chạy bộ trong công viên. Đây sẽ là một ngày cuối tuần rất thú vị.

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Nhey Nhey Hiệp sĩ 24 tháng 10 lúc 22:43
Báo cáo sai phạm

1 Sometimes we   write a dictation in English.

2 Mick does not do very well in the dass because he does not work hard .

3 I am sorry I cannot use any musical instruments .

4 The science teacher always sets a lot of homework for us to do

5 You are old enough to look after yourself , Don not ask your parents to ---------- everything for you.

6 The teacher says that I make only a few mistakes in my writing this time.

7 "Would you li ke something to drink , Linh." No, thanks . "

8 Dave is overweight , but he does not  it when hi classmates call him " fatty" .

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No Name No Name 24 tháng 10 lúc 20:30
Báo cáo sai phạm

Her dream school is a school with trees and flowers everywhere. Outside the school gate, a path full of flowers leads to the gate. In the school there are swings for children to sit and play, read books during breaks. It also has a greenhouse to grow vegetables, flowers, ... The benches are placed under the old trees. In the gymnasium there will be a swimming pool to help the kids exercise. Beautiful avian cages are hung under trees for a more fun school yard. In the classrooms, small flower pots are placed right next to the windows. I really want a school that blends with nature, creating a cool atmosphere.

Bạn tham khảo!!!

Học tốt!!!!

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No Name No Name 24 tháng 10 lúc 20:18
Báo cáo sai phạm

My childhood has many beautiful memories under the roof of primary school. There is a story about a friendship that I will never forget. That's how Dai helped me when I fell down.

    It was a fine morning. That day we were off school. I invited Quan to a classmate's house to play. New road finished. It was wide and empty. The two sides of the road are green rice fields.

    On the way, we talked happily. Suddenly, Quan's friend turned his car arm, staggering a circus actor on a rope. Quan's bicycle stumbled a fall. I shouted to Quan to be careful but you still didn't listen. You also shout: "I am the handlebars of silk. You see this!". Quan raised his hands high. a climber when he reaches the top. It is "super". The car goes a few times, "bang". Both the car and the man plunged into the ditch. People and vehicles crushed each other covered in mud. You and Quan were struggling to get up. At that moment, Dai went anywhere. See the story. Dai quickly and quickly a squirrel, you build your car, by quick movements you pull me and Quan ashore out of the muddy and muddy puddle. Quan complained: "I broke my leg. It hurts!" Dai saw this, and auntie got into the car and drove you to the infirmary. And I struggled to get the car home. Fortunately, that day, Quan just got slightly wrong. As for me, my whole body was humiliated. That evening my mother called Dai to thank you. The next day, I bragged about the teacher. He commended Dai as a kind student who knows how to help you in times of need. Since then, our friendship bonded paint together.

   This is small, but I remember forever. Dai's work has left me a valuable lesson on friendship in case of accident. Dai is a good friend of mine.

Bạn tham khảo!

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ღŤɦε☆кїɳɠ༺༒༻øƒ☆ɱαtɦεɱαtїċşღ ღŤɦε☆кїɳɠ༺༒༻øƒ☆ɱαtɦεɱαtїċşღ 24 tháng 10 lúc 20:15
Báo cáo sai phạm

The biggest event that happened to me lately was my graduation ceremony. It was on the beginning of September, when most students had just started their new semester. The ceremony was at my university, and we were all present at about 7 AM. When I got there, I had already worn the hat and black cape outside my white shirt with long pants. First I had to find seats for my parents, and then I moved to a separated section for students. We sat in lines to wait for our names to be called. When the MC called my name, I felt that my heart nearly jumped out of my chest, so I had to take a really deep breath to stay calm. The stage was beautifully decorated, and there were a lot of people taking pictures. I felt I was a celebrity, and that thought kept me confident for the rest of the ceremony. Later my friends and parents gave me a lot of flowers and presents, and that was the happiest day of my life so far.

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Kim Ngân Kim Ngân 24 tháng 10 lúc 19:42
Báo cáo sai phạm

1.Are helping
2.Is cooking
5.Doesn't have
6.Doesn't work
Học tốt !

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Nhey Nhey Hiệp sĩ 24 tháng 10 lúc 21:40
Báo cáo sai phạm

Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc:
1. They (help) .are helping........... the teacher right now.
2. Is Your mother (cook) ....cooking........ in the kitchen now?
3. They (play) .....play....... football after school every day.
4. Jane always (have) .....has....... breakfast at six.
5. Our school (not have) .....doesn't have....... a big garden.
6. Her parent (not work) ......doesn't work...... in a factory.
7. Mike (be) ....is........ humour. He always (tell) .......tells..... us funny stories.
8. Does he usually (jog) ...jog......... in the morning?

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To Bao An To Bao An 25 tháng 10 lúc 20:08
Báo cáo sai phạm

1.are helping

2.is cooking



5.doesn't have

6.doesn't work

7.is tells


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Nhey Nhey Hiệp sĩ 24 tháng 10 lúc 21:51
Báo cáo sai phạm

mr minh is a careful bus driver ( drives )

-> Mr Minh drives carefully 

those students learn history very well ( at )

-> Those students good at History

my mother teachs english at a primary school ( is )

-> My mother is a primary teacher

what is your plan for this summer ? ( to )

-> What are your plans to prace this summer ( câu này khong chắc )

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Nhey Nhey Hiệp sĩ 24 tháng 10 lúc 22:17
Báo cáo sai phạm

1, We can't go out because it....................now.

 A, am raining     B, is raining       C,are raining        D, rains

2, Lam.....................lunch with his classmates right now.

 A, have              B, has               C, is having          D, are having

3, The dog is in.............the computer

 A, next to           B, between       C, behind             D,front of

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๖ۣۜƝƘ☆ⓜⓘⓝⓩ ⓣⓐ ☠ᴾᴿᴼシ ๖ۣۜƝƘ☆ⓜⓘⓝⓩ ⓣⓐ ☠ᴾᴿᴼシ 24 tháng 10 lúc 17:30
Báo cáo sai phạm

1 .b



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Nguyễn Diệu Hương Nguyễn Diệu Hương 24 tháng 10 lúc 17:12
Báo cáo sai phạm

1 - B . is raining

2-  C . is having

3-  D . front of

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Nhey Nhey Hiệp sĩ 24 tháng 10 lúc 21:44
Báo cáo sai phạm

 1 use the verbs given to fill in the blanks to complete the following sentences : borrow , take , make , check , get , do 

1  To have good health , we should ...do.. morning exercise every morning 

2 It is very hot . I would ..take... a shower

3 Lan feels very tired so she ....make.. a rest 

4 Oh , I forgot my pen at home . May I ...borrow... yours ?

5 My mother ...check.. her students papers at 3 yesterday afternoon 

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๖ۣۜS๖ۣۜS๖ۣۜS༉ ๖ۣۜS๖ۣۜS๖ۣۜS༉ 24 tháng 10 lúc 17:14
Báo cáo sai phạm

1  Do

2 Take

3 Make

4 Borrow

5 Check 

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Văn Ngọc Hà Anh Văn Ngọc Hà Anh 23 tháng 10 lúc 20:20
Báo cáo sai phạm

Tìm 5 từ tiếng anh có từ ee : sweeping, deep-brown, deep-drawn, deep-laid, sleeping.

Tìm 5 từ tiếng anh có từ ea : cheaper, cheapish, weaponed, jealous, leaping.

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Vương Thị Quyên Vương Thị Quyên 23 tháng 10 lúc 20:13
Báo cáo sai phạm

Hai từ "ee" tách nhau có đc ko vậy?


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daothanhthao daothanhthao 23 tháng 10 lúc 20:11
Báo cáo sai phạm

5 từ tiếng anh có từ ee:see,seem,meet,seed,seek,seedy

5 từ tiếng anh có từ ea:sea,seal,seam,search,season..

blackpink in your area

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Đoàn Dương Quỳnh San Đoàn Dương Quỳnh San 24 tháng 10 lúc 10:59
Báo cáo sai phạm

Chọn future simple , going to , present continuos

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Nhey Nhey Hiệp sĩ 23 tháng 10 lúc 21:46
Báo cáo sai phạm


They .will have.. ( have ) a surprise party for their maganer tonight.

.Will..  Jennifer ( do ) .do.. the gardening with her mom this weekend.

Where ..will. she ( go ).go.. shopping this afternoon?

We .will take..( take) the mid - term test in a week.

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