Looking back on that day, we all agreed it was our/ my greatest victory.. Yes, it was a very stressful day. That morning, I few sleepy right away from the moment I woke up, after I took care of my personal hygiene, I picked up the phone and asked my friends to come and pick me up and go to the exam site. When I got to the exam school, it was chaotic and noisy. Because it's an elementary school. We had the exam on Sunday and the kids knew they should gather around and talk about this year's competition. Even so, I already have an idea for my story. Do you really have a question: "I woke up late, my face was as dull as a lost soul, the exam school was noisy. The night before the exam, I stayed up late playing games and eating.It took about an hour or two for me to be able to. I went to sleep I dreamed a very interesting story It was a very fictitious story As for the content you can ask me directly, I can tell my whole dream in detail. Actually when I wrote this story down on the piece of paper on my desk, I felt like I was crazy to think that I could write such a silly story. But at that time, there was a kind of force that pushed me to write it. Later after receiving the award, I understood, there was no power at all, what motivated me to write the story was my intense passion for literature.

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