Funny salesman

 In a large market in a certain city, there was an onion seller who would bring twenty strings of onions every day to hang on a corner to sell. His onions were both big and fresh, so everyone passed by admiringly and asked how he had grown, although not everyone wanted to buy onions. Once, a tourist offered to buy twenty onions, but he shook his head and refused to sell. The tourist was surprised and asked him:

    - Why not sell? Didn't you bring the goods here to sell?

    - No! He replied - I came here to live my life. I love this market. I love the farmers who work here and love to see the regular customers. I'm happy when a friend passes by and says, "Hello! Have a nice day," and then happily tells about their children and their crops. I also enjoy when people ask me how I grow onions, and then I tell them, and they will offer to reduce the price when buying a string of onions. This is my life. Because of it, I sit here all day selling twenty onions. If I sell twenty onions to one customer, then my day is over. I lost my joy. So I can't do that.