Looking back on that day, we all agreed it was our greatest victory. It was on Teachers' day. The competition was held at our school, so many students chose to join the competition. Our class had 3 girls and 6 boys. A girl in our class joined two competitions, running and jumping. She was strong, right? And she often did karate, her name is An. And another girl joined jumping and play chess, that's Nhi, my friend. And Linh, my best friend just joined jumping. They were very good. Especially Nhi- she was our class monitor. I thought my teacher had chosen her because she was smart and very strict. About the boys, they joined all the contests. Football, table tennis, chess, running, and jumping. In the jumping contest, Nhi was against a girl name Ngoc. In the first round, The girl name Ngoc won, and second-round Nhi won. In the final round, I thought Ngoc was going to won but Nhi was the winner. Now talk about Football, our class has 10 boys and the other class has the same, too. The match began with sadness and also happiness. Do you know why? Because first, the other class has more points than us and they won the first match, when the second match comes, we all worried and hope that our class will win. And it's true. We won the match and my class got glory and victory that everyone admired. My teacher was so happy for us, and I am so so happy, too. That's was the best day of our lives.

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Sports is important, it helps us healthy and has a strong body. You need to do exercises every day, like: Go for a walk, play badminton and do a lot of sports to play with. Please stay at home this year, wait until the virus is gone. While that we can do a lot of fun stuff, cooking, playing and the most important is studying. If you study too hard and feel tired you can rest a little bit or you can both study and listen to music. It is the way to help us relax.