Looking back on that day , i agree that was our biggest win . That day, during class, my teacher told me that she had set up a team for the beautiful handwriting competition. We listened to her read the list of students who were able to compete and was very happy when she read our names. However, that joy suddenly disappeared because writing beautiful handwriting is really difficult, my seniors also said the same, I was worried and wondering whether to take the exam or not, and my team friends and teachers encouraged me. encouraged me and in the end I happily agreed to participate in the contest. Now, I study and practice at the same time, so I have very little time to relax. Finally the day of the exam came, when I entered to tell the truth at that time I was really worried because some of them were also practicing copying their letters. so beautiful and straight, suddenly I said to myself: "trying, the teacher has high expectations of me." was thinking idly , the teacher came in , after announcing about the contest , we started the exam , I tried my best to make my test as complete as possible , after it finished I left hoping to second. I have been waiting for so long. finally on monday I was anxiously waiting for the teacher to tell me who could take the next test, the vice principal walked up to the podium and read the names of those who could continue the test and i was so happy when she said my name she made me even happier when I found myself winning. You congratulated me and I proudly walked up to the podium to receive the award.