Hello susan, After reading your mail, I replied immediately. At the end of January and early February 2021, COVID - 19 broke out again for the third time in the community in Vietnam. I should be in class by now but because of transmission we have to study online at home. Restaurants, groceries, etc. have to be closed because of COVID - 19. In Vietnam, everyone must comply with regulations to prevent the epidemics. For me, in order to prevent the epidemics, I wear a mask, wash my hands with antiseptic and complied with the 5K regulations of the health ministry. Do you know what 5K is? Probably not? 5K is disinfection, medical declarations, masks, no gathering and distance. Those are all epidemic preventional ways you can follow. That's the situation in my country. Can you tell more about your country? I am waiting for your mail.

Best, Anh Thư